SoaperDelights Tinted Mineral Sunblock SPF30

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 Tinted Mineral Sunblock SPF30

Tinted Mineral Sunblock provides functional, nature–friendly and sustainable sun protection. It is easy be applied on skin, the texture is purposely adjusted to a bit thicker to stay on even when you accidentally touch your face or wipe your nose. We added in mineral colorant, so that the blended result is made close to skin tone, perfect for daily use. Our sunblock also is packed in cardboard tube, functional and sustainable sun protection!
24% Zinc Oxide(non-nano) & 4% Titanium dioxide
Zinc Oxide and Titanium dioxide are natural minerals, the particles sit on top of the skin and scatter the sun’s rays away from the skin like tiny little mirrors.
Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply every 2 hours. If you are swimming or sweating, suggest reapply after 60 minutes. The sunblock does not get washed away, it stays on your skin; to remove it from face, suggest using makeup remover to melt it down, then wipe off with facial cloth.


Net weight 26g
Vegan & Cruelty Free
FREE from mineral oil, preservatives
Physical barrier to UVA+UVB
Water Resistant (60 minutes)
Suitable for outdoor activities
Safe for pregnant & children
Hong Kong brand, Locally made
Paper tube Eco-friendly packaging, Coral Reef safe